Just a few days ago we gave you a first look at an adidas ZX Flux Slip-On. That one colorway was just a tip of the iceberg, though, as it looks like adidas went all in on the laceless style. There are at least three colorways of the elastic strapped sneakers: the aforementioned black and white pair, a dark grayscale pair, and a light grayscale pair. They were spotted at a show in Berlin during fashion week, alongside a huge array of standard, laced, ZX Flux pairs. This wide range of colors and patterns is nothing compared to what will ultimately be made through miFlux, but it’s nice to see adidas going for the gold when it comes to variation.

Those with a good eye will also notice what looks like a ZX Flux Mid. One of the photos snapped by Flashback Magazin shoe two pairs of adidas with the same sole and heel as the other ZX Fluxes. These pairs feature a velcros strap across the ankle and what looks like a neoprene tongue. Additionally, there's another style with the same ZX Flux sole and heel cup, but without the adidas stripes, and with a lacing system similar to some EQT styles we've seen before. This style can be seen in a leopard print and camo.

Stay tuned for more info on all these new styles.

[via Flashback Magazin]