With the Major League Baseball season in full swing, we wanted to revisit an extensive post the team at Sneaker Report put together a little over a year ago. SR compiled a complete history of baseball's signature trainers. The list covers the gamut of the genres most well known shoes - Bo Jackson's Trainers, Deion's Diamond Turfs, and Griffeys Air Maxes - along with some lesser known models including Kenny Lofton's signature K-Low, Sammy Sosa's Fila sneaker of the same name, and the Reebok cult hit, the Big Hurt for Frank Thomas. Fans of Derek Jeter are in for a treat as about a dozen of Jete's signature kicks are featured as well. If you're a baseball fan with an appreciation for kicks or vice versa, you'll want to check out this Sneaker Report feature.

[via Sneaker Report