Nate Robinson is equally known for his play on-court as he is for his deep sneaker collection. His Denver Nuggets didn't make the playoffs, so he'll be watching the NBA Finals from the comfort of his home. But TMZ caught Robinson as he was concluding a night out on the town, and he was wearing the sneaker that everyone wishes they got their hands on, the Nike Air Yeezy II "Red Octobers."

TMZ asked Robinson if his sneakers were legit, in which he answered, "I've got the best shoe guy in the business."

The best part of the interview, however, was when the gossip site asked Robinson if Nikes were acceptable as dress shoes, and Robinson said, "I'd wear them with a suit."

We're not a fan of basketball sneakers being worn in formal situations, but some sneakers, like the adidas Stan Smith, have infiltrated black tie events as of late. As for Robinson wearing Red Octobers with a suit, we'd have to see it to make a judgment.

[via TMZ]