In a sneaker culture dominated by males, it's not uncommon to see guys bring their girlfriend or significant other with them to lineup for sneakers or enter raffles. Some even try to get them interested in this hobby that we all love by gifting them sneakers or educating them about the game. Sneaker Youtuber Heskicks did the former and bought his wife a pair of the Air Jordan XI Low "Turbo Green" that just dropped last weekend. A good gesture, but let's just say his money would've been better spent on an extra pair of kicks for himself because his wife wasn't having it at all.

Watch the video as she denies these Js that remind her of basketball shoes she had in '93. Welp, if she doesn't want these Jordans, we're sure Hes won't have a problem finding a sneakerhead who would love a pair.

[via heskicks]