Tres Bien is having a 20% off all footwear sale because they are good people with kind, Swedish hearts. That means these Nike Free OG sneakers come all the way down to the low, low price of $99 if you're in the U.S. of A, which, in sneaker terms, is practically, dare I say, free. Damn, I just called $100 basically free. Our minds are hella corrupted by designer prices these days. I find myself looking at $800 spring weight jackets as not bad. Sure, that's pretty fucked up, but it's all relative. Like, when you live in New York and decide moving is a smart idea until it becomes a NSA investigation of your credit history and then you fork over an obscene amount and then your bank account is sad. But some people don't even have one pair of dope sneakers, so, like I said, relative.