For all you beasts out here looking to get your gym flow very tight b this summer, Nike has you covered. Using their patented Hyperfuse technology, the label has crafted a collection of outerwear that is light as a feather, dope as a bitch. Coming in both a colorblocked layout and monochromatics, Nike's S/S 14 Tech Pack is a viable options even if you don't run because rain in the summer is always utter fuckery. Most waterproof jackets will make you sweat like Patrick Ewing at Coachella, while carrying an umbrella everywhere makes you a coward. These jackets, on the other hand, will keep you at least psuedo-dry without making you sweat through your new tee. The real bummer here is that the Tech Poncho is only available for women, not that such a predicament has ever stopped us before. Nike's new Tech Pack drops on April 25. See it in action here.