Nike's online releases for limited products are known for their madness. The usual process goes something like this: Nikestore's Twitter account will tweet a link saying that a sneaker is available, and then, within minutes, the sneaker will be sold out.

Nike has a process that might end all of that: Access Codes.

According to Nike's website:

"Nike will send out Access Codes to select customers, granting them exclusive access to select Nike products. Each code is unique to the individual, valid for a limited time and redeemable only once."

And the brand goes on to state that the codes won't be made public and has total control over the Codes:

"Nike reserves the right to use access codes on any product and won't announce selections publicly prior to use. Nike also reserves the right to deactivate access codes or ban users at any time."

The Codes won't be available to everyone, either. Nike also wrote, "Nike Access Codes are given out to select customers, and codes are valid only for those customers."

But getting a Code doesn't assure someone a sneaker. "The Access Code gives you access, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to buy the product," Nike said. 

As of now, there's no word how this system is going to work or who is going to get the codes.

Twitter and Instagram are guessing that it could be a way for people to get sneakers early, and are pointing to the "Powder Blue" Air Jordan X release as a drop that Access Codes have already been given for.

Could this be Nike's new system of giving exclusive customers a preferred access to release-date sneakers, or could this be a plan to deter the bots

As the "Powder Blue" Air Jordan Xs drop tomorrow, hopefully more details will come out.