Hip-hop and sneaker culture often feel like one and the same. Rappers love their sneakers, and a good portion of sneakerheads love to bump the rappers' booming tracks. More and more rappers are becoming the apple of the sneaker industry's eye, and the connection between sneakers and hip-hop is growing stronger and stronger every year. But instead of discussing which new rapper is going to sign a sneaker deal, let's step back for a moment: If a classic rap album was a sneaker, which one would it be?

There are many attributes of a classic rap album: Themes, the emcee's flow, the production value, and how it was perceived by the public. These ideas can also be related to sneakers. The design and reception of a sneaker can easily be linked to rap albums that heads rave about. Certain sneakers get slept on but are later appreciated by a niche audience, and some sneakers, like rap albums, have concepts that were misunderstood at the time of their release, but, through the years, were able to establish themselves as classics. So here's what everyone's dying to know: Which sneaker best represents Illmatic, Midnight Marauders, or Reasonable Doubt? This is the chance to find out. Here are 25 Classic Rap Albums and Their Sneaker Counterparts.

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