The 2000s were filled with a plethora of ferocious dunks. Kobe was beginning to make his case of greatest basketball player along with best posterizer. LeBron dazzled us with his immortal-style of play and rim-rattling bang outs. And, of course, Vince Carter. Dunk contests were still watchable and NBA regular season games were as unpredictable as T-Mac's next trick dunk attempt. 

The 2000s were also filled with some of the most memorable basketball sneakers that are starting to get retroed today. Especially ones that helped catapult our favorite players to the rim on some unsuspecting defenders. The common denominators in all of these facials? A posterizer, a posterizee, and a pair of shoes that helped them to get from point A to point "OOOOOH!" Get your Youtube Player ready and reminisce with us as we go back in time for the 10 Best Basketball Sneakers to Dunk on Someone in the 2000s.

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