As if sneakerheads don’t already have it tough, it looks like things got a little crazy down in Ft. Worth Texas. During a search of a "suspected" drug house on October 16th, its been reported that Sgt. Antoine Williams, took four pairs of sneakers during the aforementioned search. Upon questioning the other two officers involved, the Special Investigations Section conducted their very own search of Sgt. Williams home. As you can imagine, Williams found himself in hot water once the missing pair of Air Jordans in question were uncovered at his crib. While Williams has been arrested, there aren’t any words for how stupid his actions were. Not only did he not recover any form of narcotics on his failed search, but he wound up disgracing his unit along with himself, at the same damn time over a pair of kicks. Is the sneaker game really that crazy that those who are supposed to “Protect and Serve” resort to jacking people for sneakers. The unwarranted level of violence that has found its way onto the sneaker scene still takes the unnecessary cake, but this definitely ranks rather high in terms of its level of foolishness. Hide your Jordans, hide your Nikes, hide your heat cause rappers aren’t the only ones ridin dirty in Texas.  


[Info via Info Wars]

[Photo via mikebindrup]