KNOW YOUR TECH breaks down the scientific technology used in your favorite sneakers and activewear. Let’s demystify your next purchase: today’s technology is The North Face FlashDry. This unique fabric incorporates a microporous particle additive which helps to pull moisture away from the body and keep athletes dry, comfortable, and able to perform for longer periods of time.

What is it? The North Face FlashDry is a proprietary fabric enhanced with microporous particles. It is designed to speed up evaporation and keep the wearer dry in a wide range of conditions. The technology is permanently embedded into the yarn, so it won't wash out or degrade with use. In all, The North Face Flashdry is used in over 100+ running, snowsports, climbing, and hiking apparel and accessories.

How does it work? The North Face FlashDry works through its use of microporous particles at the fiber level. This design increases the fiber's surface area, which in turn helps to accelerate evaporation. The North Face FlashDry Thermal Technology adds a synthetic thermal layer for added warmth. For extreme adventures like climbing and snowsports, The North Face FlashDry Laminate adds a waterproof laminate for heavy-duty element protection. 

Notable products: The North Face Better Than Naked Short Sleeve Shirt, The North Face Women's Impulse Active 1/4 Zip-Up, The North Face GTD Short-Sleeve Shirt, The North Face Isotherm 1/2 Zip

Bottom line: With The North Face FlashDry and its enhanced variations, you'll remain dry and comfortable.

KNOW YOUR TECH: The North Face Polartec