For a lot of sneakerheads, the dream is to one day open their own sneaker store. Whether it be a consignment store like RIF or Flight Club, or a boutique like Rare Breed Footwear or Packer Shoes, the important things about getting your sneaker store off the ground and successful is all the same. It's the same as many other businesses in fact, except it's sneakers. Which is where your passion comes into making it truly successful. 

In order to make sure we covered all the bases for starting a successful sneaker boutique, we reached out to a few owners to informally discuss what challenges they faced along the way, what things they'd do differently and what things came up that were completely unexpected. So after you check out Everything You Need to Know About Opening a Sneaker Boutique be sure to check out Extra Butter, Sole Lab and Primitive because they've got years of success doing exactly what you want to do. 

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