Friday Night Lights is the epitome of high school football. From the all-day pep rallies to the Varsity Blues-like after parties, Friday’s game determined if players walk the Monday morning hallways or take the back staircase. It’s the two-a-days summer sessions, the late-night-I-need-an-excuse-for-my-teacher-because-I-didn’t-have-time-to-do-my-homework practices, and the high-pressure hometown games. It’s where you made your mark.

Before earning the name “Megatron” in the NFL, Calvin Johnson was still trying to perfect the one-handed Randy Moss catch in a Sandy Creek High School jersey. Leading SCHS to its first-ever regional title, Johnson became a top national recruit. Accepting a scholarship to Georgia Tech and signing one of the largest NFL contracts with the Detroit Lions, Johnson could not have done it better. Honoring his since retired Sandy Creek jersey, and movie-like high school career, Nike is releasing the Megatron Sandy Creek collection.

The Nike Megatron Sandy Creek Collection from The Game Plan by Champs Sports drops online and in select stores - including Nike Yardline - on June 29.