Stash has designed some of the best collaborations that the sneaker-streetwear world has ever seen. The graffiti artist's signature utilization of alternating shades of blue caught fire with not only those who preferred a dope sneaker, but those who were willing to pay beaucoup bucks for a pair, too.

The days of streetwear-fueled sneakers may be waning (or done), but Stash is still hard at work, creating more goodness for Reebok. The spraypaint maestro turned designer discussed some of the most important elements of collaborations and blog culture with WWD

"It’s like the graffiti movement. People didn’t think blogs would last." Stash told the publication, "And now all these guys are media moguls in this new market that nobody saw. They were way smarter than all of us. Now we all count on them, like, “Please like my stuff, Mr. Blog Guy!” And you know what? They did everything on their own dime for so long for their passion."

But Stash was smart enough to see the over-saturation in the bursting streetwear market. "When every single blog heading was “this company x that company,” the exploitation of the crossover or the collab diluted the beauty of what it is." Stash said, "I like designing stuff, but I don’t want my name on it."

With the recent shift towards GR (albeit, limited releases) performance sneakers rather than Tier Zero lifestyle sneakers, do you think the collaboration is well and alive in the sneaker world (with boutiques dropping consistent heat), or do you think there are only exceptions (like Kanye West) who make it work?

[via WWD]