Vacation can seem like little more than a distant dream during the doldrums of winter. That being said, when the time does come when you can finally get away from it all, you will wish you had planned ahead. Between your family, your girl and your cash flow, if you don't think it through in advance, you'll end up at your parents' beach house for the thirteenth year in a row. Vacations don't have to be all about chugging beers and eating those foods that your doctor is going to stop letting you eat the instant you turn 40. The right fitness vacation can provide the right balance between relaxing your mind and toning your body. These are The 5 Best Fitness Vacation To Beat the Winter Blahs.


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No. 5 - Hiking and Meditating in Killington VT

Best For: The Outdoorsman
Price: from $219 per night
Best Feature: Indoor/Outdoor Zen
Bottom Line: You Could Probably Stand to Chill Out A Bit

Don't think that you have to retreat to remote locales to get fit while enjoying natural beauty. Any of you who have even passed through the Green Mountains know that Vermont offers natural beauty that often gets overlooked in the face of more mammoth crags to the south and west. New Life stands out from other hiking spots for its focus on the mental as well as the physical. Between hikes, you can enjoy an array of yoga, meditation, and spa services, that is if you aren't already mellow enough, thanks to nature's bounty.

[New Life Hiking Spa]


No. 4 - Is This Heaven? No, It's Bikini Bootcamp

Best For: Cougar Hunters
Price: From $750 per day
Best Feature: Very Few Men
Bottom Line: Hey, It Says on the Website That Men Can Sign Up

We know this seems fishy. Why would you put a woman's fitness vacation on this list? Well, apparently, men are invited too, but judging by the website, very few men take Bikini Bootcamp up on the offer. While your days will feature rigorous yoga and cardio, your nights may feature a belly-dancing class or some beachfront boozing. The general profile of someone who attends is "accomplished women in 30s" or, put another way, mature, fit women with money. Skip traditional singles vacation and forge your on trail on your next beach get away.

[Bikini Boot Camp]


No. 2 - Surfs up in Indonesia

Best For: Surfer Dudes and/or Dudes who Surf
Price: From $1,500 a week
Best Feature: Guided Boat Tours to Hunt Down the Best Waves
Bottom Line: If it's Good Enough For Every Major Surf Magazine, it's Good Enough For You

For those who don't mind jet lag, Mentawai Surf Camp is a tropical paradise for surfers of all skill levels. All you have to do is step out of your dope breachfront hut and into the surf to start catching waves. You can choose between "early bird" or "lazy bear" surf plans that are designed for maximum waves in the morning and maximum leisure at night. Your surf guide will take you through a week-long journey exploring the legendary Indonesian waves made famous by surf documentaries and films about the region. Even if you are an experienced surfer, the crew at Mentawi Surf Camp promises you've never experienced surfing like this.

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No. 1 - Splurge on Fitness in Kenya

Best For: People With Deep Pockes
Price: From $4,000 a week
Best Feature: Open-air Dojo
Bottom Line: This is a Post Student Loan Adventure

This Kenyan vacation is awesome: you can enjoy boxing sessions in an open-air dojo, jogging on pristine beaches, and swimming in breathtaking stretches of sea. All of this culminates in a grueling yet beautiful Aquathalon at the end of your week-long stay. The only problem is that you are looking at a $4,000 fee. Of course, the crew at WildFitness would gladly extend that one week fee to a whole month for an additional cost. If you have this kind of money to spend on vacation, we recommend hiring a personal trainer; that way, you can spend your vacation like a proper rich person: on a yacht, popping bottles, laughing at the huddled masses.

[Wild Fitness]

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