Year Released: 1997

If you sort of roll through Agassi signature shoes, you can see Nike initially making minor moves from a technology standpoint, but really just freaking the shoes in a superficial way. Overlays with wacky-ass tie-dye prints, etc. By the mid to late 90's Nike was really doing work with the Agassi range, but it's not clear that anyone really noticed. The Air Assailant from 1998 is a really interesting looking shoe. But when I saw the Air Zoom Ablaze at Paragon, I bugged (then waited for it to be on sale for $39.99). This shoe took tennis technology in an entirely new direction with an anodized exo-skelton for stability that looked like a motherfucking Transformer. I needed this shoe (for $39.99), and I got it (for $39.99).