Stars: Patrick Warburton, David Burke, Nestor Carbonell, Liz Vassey

Of course The Tick was never going to last. For one, it's about a superhero comedy based on an obscure comic book, and featuring grown-ups parading around in silly-looking insect costumes, bantering with clever dialogue, and pushing the envelope every step of the way. With such an ambitious premise, creator Ben Edlund's commendably left-of-center series was bound to go over people's heads, and that it quickly did, lasting only nine episodes before meeting that bastard known as "cancellation."

Thankfully, The Tick's small but passionate band of followers rallied behind star Patrick Warburton (currently stealing laughs from Seth MacFarlane on Family Guy, as paraplegic Joe Swanson) and company so hardcore that Fox liberated the program onto DVD in 2003. And now that achievement is ready to further expand the cult of The Tick on Netflix.