Standout Susie ether: “You think I care about your back? Do you know how much I’ve done for you this weekend? Get the fuck out of the bed!”

The lengths Larry David will go to to save his own skin, or in this case, his kidney. In order to get Richard Lewis bumped up on the donor list, Larry befriends the head of the organ donor board, inviting him and his daughter to Jeff and Susie’s ski lodge for the weekend. The catch: They’re orthodox, forcing Larry to don a yarmulke, adopt a cartoonish Jewish accent, mutter his way through Yiddish phrases, and swap wives with Jeff.

That’s right, Larry David and Susie Greene, mortal enemies, pretending to be a happy couple, a scenario so great that it’s a shame the gag only gets one real scene. That’s nothing compared to dude’s daughter, who’s so ride or die for the scripture that she ultimately undoes all of Larry’s machinations when they get stuck on the ski lift and she jumps off, lest she be alone with a married man past sundown.