Standout Susie ether: “He had a beautiful head full of hair that I loved, a mane! And now he looks like you!”

In the season of The Blacks it was inevitable that this issue would come up, but the N word sitcom trope doesn’t feel tired here at all. Larry’s already in hot water with the family thanks to an involuntary erection while hugging Auntie Rae, but when they walk in on the wrong part of him explaining a racist conversation he overheard to Jeff and Susie, the hellfire they rain down on him is nothing short of hilarious. 

The race-relations fallout also claims Jeff, when his surgeon overhears Larry recounting the story sans censorship and instead of the planned operation, vents his frustration by shaving Jeff completely bald, the sight of which later freaks Ben Stiller out too much to sign with his management. Meanwhile Larry’s courtship with a doctor (Brenda Strong) is complicated when she expresses her feelings in a handwritten note that he can’t decipher.

The bright idea to give it have a pharmacist translate it goes awry when the guy, an African-American, makes an epic misunderstanding involving the Blacks’ ironic last name. Seinfeld fans especially will get a kick out of Larry’s manic head-shake at episode’s end, when he refuses to utter the dreaded slur one more time.