Catchphrase: “Did you bring it? Did you do the dizzle on her? Bring the ruckus to that ass, Larry!”
Standout Susie ether: No verbal darts, but she does throw Larry’s BlackBerry into the ocean.

As sad as it was to see the David marriage crumble, freeing Larry up to date is the best decision the series has ever made (well, that and keeping Leon around). A single Larry is free to put himself in situations like courting a wheelchair bound love interest, whom he dubs Denise Handicap (which brilliantly captures the smart phone era of assigning new contacts specific titles to better remember them by)—and then picking up another, Wendy Wheelchair, by chance.

The women are more than just dates, of course, they’re a tool of sympathy for the bald narcissist to use to get back in to a private concert after he offends the hosts—but the best part is they’re using LD just the same to see the acclaimed violinist. Singularly, though. When they learn of each other, they’re livid, and when Larry ascends to heights they can’t climb, who steps in to seek vengeance for them but recurring frenemy Rosie O’Donnell.