A Texas man has accused Mia Khalifa of hitting him in the face after he took a picture of her without permission at a recent Future show in Austin. The incident, @FourthTigerClaw claimed, occurred at the Nobody Safe tour stop at the Austin360 Amphitheatre on June 23.

The man, whose name was reported by the San Antonio Express-News Thursday as Jared, shared alleged before and after photos of the encounter on Twitter. The @FourthTigerClaw account has since been set to private.

"Since me and my friends had already been ignored when we asked for a picture, I just decided to do what the others were doing," Jared told the Express-News. "I walked ahead of her to the side and took a picture as she came up making sure I wasn't in her space." After snapping the photo, Jared claimed, Khalifa told him to "get the fuck away" from her and then delivered the alleged hit.

Khalifa disputes this account. "If you yell degrading profanities at me for half a mile then jump in my personal space uninvited, I will defend myself," she tweeted Thursday. Khalifa fans responded to @FourthTigerClaw's claims by sharing their own photos and stories, one of which was met with a public thank you from Khalifa.

Jared admitted Thursday that he's "not sure" if the incident was worth posting about because "honestly, it wasn't a big deal." He also said he didn't foresee the negative response he's been getting since posting the claims.