The cast of Orange is the New Black is a talented bunch, but one actress in particular continues to bring in award after award. Last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Uzo Aduba won her second SAG in a row, which was all the more special because she brought someone special along with her. 

Aduba, best known for playing the character of "Crazy Eyes" in Netflix's Orange is the New Black, brought her childhood friend and prom date with her to the awards ceremony. Apparently he asked her to prom over a decade ago and now she asked him to be her date to the SAGs. Knowing how awful prom can be, he got the better end of this trade off.

In addition to the SAG award, Aduba has already won two Emmys for playing the character, who is best known for her intensity, innocence, and unexpected wisdom. For its out-of-control ensemble work, Orange is the New Black also took home a SAG for Best Comedy. 

Outside of Orange is the New Black, Aduba has two projects set for 2016. One is Tallulah, a film that just premiered to positive reviews at Sundance starring Ellen Page and Allison Janney. She's also slated to appear in American Pastoral, a crime drama directed by Ewan McGregor