Early last week Bill Cosby was charged with three different counts of sexual assault. While he's already been accused of raping over 50 women, these charges—brought on by Andrea Constand—marked the first time the comedian has actually been arrested. Cosby has already spoken up thanking his friends and fans for standing by him, but fortunately there has been a larger number of responses against him too. Lark Voorhies, best known for playing Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell, is the latest to offer her views—and she's definitely not a fan.

The actress took to her Instagram to post a series of photos of Cosby with captions intent on destroying his character. "The man you admired, Dr. Huxtable, was a scripted, imaginary character. Remember, Bill Cosby is not actually Dr. Huxtable," she said in a post from yesterday. For whatever reason, some people are still clinging onto the idea that Cosby is not a monster, perhaps because they associate him with his sweet-natured character from the Cosby Show.

She goes on to criticize those who say the charges against him are a product of racism, and at one point has some harsh words for the people standing behind him. "Anyone who defends this man is defending the devil himself!"

The latest news in the ever-evolving case against Cosby is that his wife, Camille Cosby, will be forced to testify against her husband. Stay tuned and see Voorhies's Instagram posts below.


A video posted by Lark Voorhies (@thelarkvoorhies) on Jan 2, 2016 at 11:11am PST