If there's one thing Bill Maher can't stand, it's bad parenting. And after Sarah Palin, who endorsed Donald Trump in the world's most bizarre speech while her son Track was being arrested for domestic violence, blamed her son's arrest on President Obama, we all knew Maher was going to have some stern words for her.

The Real Time host did not disappoint. During a panel on Friday's episode, Maher took Palin to task for her insanity, specifically addressing a portion of Palin's speech Tuesday that discussed how her son and other U.S. soldiers come back from Iraq "a bit different." "And then she just glossed over that," Maher said. "We send our sons off to stupid wars and they come back 'a bit different' because he beat up his girlfriend, was talking suicide, and she blamed that on Obama. I’m sure that’s why his girlfriend was cowering under the bed, because of Obama." 

Maher also mentioned that Palin's daughter has two children out of wedlock. "Does it ever occur to anybody that the Obamas are just so much better parents?" he asked. Yes Bill, that thought has crossed our minds.

He went on to call Palin out for her moral hypocrisy, calling her "morally sloppy." "She's going to Iowa to convince the evangelicals, the supposed moral people, to vote?" he asked. "That’s why faith sucks so bad. Because when you have the same faith as me, whatever you do is off the table." Bill Maher 2016, anyone?