A judge in Massachusetts has rejected Camille Cosby's request to not be forced to testify in a civil case against her husband Bill Cosby

That means that Camille could be taking the stand as soon as Jan. 6, which is when depositions in the case are scheduled to begin, The Guardian reports. 

Cosby is being sued in Massachusetts by seven women for defamation in response to his claims that those women lied when they revealed allegations that Cosby had raped them.

The Cosbys have been married for close to 52 years and Camille has also served as his business manager. In late 2014 she released a statement defending her husband, calling him a "victim," and comparing allegations against him to bogus rape accusations aimed at a University of Virginia fraternity by now-debunked Rolling Stone story. 

As of last week, Cosby is also facing criminal charges that he drugged and raped a woman at his home in Pennsylvania in 2004. In total, Cosby has been accused of rape by more than 50 women, though the statute of limitations has run out on criminal charges in the majority of those cases.