One U.S. Air Force base in Georgia tried to celebrate the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a poorly thought out event: practice shooting. The event alone would've warranted facepalms, but it was made worse by an accompanying flyer advertising the event. The base has come out to apologize, calling the situation an "honest mistake."  

The flyer promoting the event at the Robins Air Force Base Trap and Skeet Club described it as a "fun shoot" with an illustration of MLK Jr. on it in front of an American flag. MLK, as you may or may not have learned in school, was fatally shot when he was assassinated, making this event distasteful, to say the least. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports an official from the the Outdoor Recreation office blamed the flyer on a marketing team. The official, Leroy Minus, said, "We didn't make the flyer. We squared it away. We got rid of the picture." 

Here's the base's statement:

The flyer has reportedly been removed.