The Gang is coming back in January. And to prepare us for season 10 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia FXX has released three new trailers. Each is filled with the deplorable behavior we've come to love from Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Dee, and Frank, so we'll present the trailers in order of awfulness (in the best sense of the word). 

Up first (and up top) is a clusterfuck of bad decisions: Mac takes a blood oath, Dennis' ex-wife has breasts implanted into her face, and Frank attempts to order condoms on an airplane like they're shooters. For sheer volume this trailer takes the (dis)honor. 

Second place goes to Charlie and Dee for getting tanked or maybe even popping Molly at the airport. Clearly the two are gone, but the marathon's worth of sweat on Charlie makes us think drugs harder than alcohol are involved. 

Finally we have Charlie failing to understand what cottage cheese is. There's nothing morally wrong with this clip; it's just really fucking dumb. 

Look out for new episodes of Sunny sometime in January.