If you were expecting Oscar-worthy performances out of the Saved by the Bell movie on Lifetime, this should be a nice reality check for you.

The first scene from Saved by the Bell: The Unauthorized Story promises a few things that we hope will be present throughout the entire movie: comically-written angst, pushups, and Zack Morris being so above it all as he sips his coffee. And is it asking too much for a brutal, drag-out fistfight between Lisa Turtle and Kelly Kapowski? Clearly, Lisa is down.

And why was Mario Lopez so sweaty after banging out 26 pushups? Yes, we counted/extrapolated. For a guy who is supposedly a “jock,” though, A.C. Slater should be in better shape than that.

Mr. Belding’s line at the end of the clip is so bad, it’s actually perfect. Has there ever been a moment more intentionally designed to scream “This is what our movie is about”? We think not.

The world premiere is on September 1, and we have to say that we’re so excited, so excited, so…scared:

[via Vulture]