Festival wristbands can now help you avoid missed connections. If you’re at a music festival and you’re in the zone, it’s almost impossible to get the information of strangers around you. Now, however, thanks to Tomorrowland, you will never have to experience the “one that got away” again. 

EDM festival Tomorrowland takes place in Belgium over the course of two weekends in July. The lineup is pretty epic with some of the world’s top DJ’s set to spin. So, with that much excitement going on, festival-goers are sometimes unable to grab the number or friend request of someone they met there.

Tomorrowland has an interesting take on solving that problem. They are providing EDM lovers with festival wristbands that not only store attendee information for entry but also serve a social purpose.

The wristbands link to Facebook accounts, so should you meet someone at the festival you want to get to know, you press a button on your wristband and a Facebook request will be sent to your new friend. If you’re next to each other and press the button at the same time, poof… you’re friends.

[via Design Taxi]