Are you a lazy communicator looking for something even better than yada, yada, yada to shorten your conversations?

Seinfeld emoji are what you've been waiting for.

The guy behind the parody Twitter account @Seinfeld2000 (which is sort of a parody of the parody account @ModernSeinfeld) teamed up with a graphic designer to make a bunch of emoji based on the characters and items from the show about nothing.

It's all there: the marble rye, the puffy shirt, Newman. (If you're confused about the misspellings or why Obama (Barry Obame) or a Samsung Galaxy S5 are included, you need to dive into the twisted world of @seinfeld2000 ASAP).

Apparently they've also teamed up with a developer from Buzzfeed to create an app that would make these emojis actually usable, but for now you'll have to enjoy just looking.

Here's a teaser from the @seinfeld2000 instagram:

This almost makes us feel not so bad about missing the Brooklyn Cyclones' Seinfeld Night.

[Via Mashable]