Paramount Pictures has quickly removed the above Australian promotional poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is due to be released Down Under on September 11. As you can probably tell, there’s something about a bunch of people jumping out of an exploding skyscraper juxtaposed with the date of September 11 that might not sit well with a lot of people, especially in the United States.

Add in the fact that the movie actually takes place in New York City, and you’ve got one of the most bone-headed blunders in recent memory. While the poster itself has been in circulation for about a week, it did not have the 9/11 date on it until it was released by Paramount this morning.

In case anyone doubts the veracity of the poster, it came from the verified @ParamountAU account. Although the tweet has since been deleted, many enterprising Twitter users were quick to grab an image:

We have reached out to a TMNT rep for comment.

[via The Verge]