Ten years ago, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle taught us that weed, boredom, and the desire for snacks can lead to an evening of trouble. Two Florida men in pursuit of an "adventure" learned the hard way, even their mugshots suggest they're mildly amused...and possibly still high. 

On Jul. 3, Logan Brown, 18, and Christopher Ramos, 20, ventured to Challenger K-8 School in Spring Hill, Fla. As they roamed the school's hallways, they eventually found Fruit Loops, i.e. precisely what their hearts desired. 

Unfortunately, their ridiculous costumes did little to obstruct their faces, and surveillance footage helped the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office identify them. Brown and Ramos were charged on burglary charges, all over fucking cereal.

[via Gawker and The Tampa Bay Times]

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