Since 2008, a small Paris bridge has become a place for lovers to attach padlocks to as a symbol of their devotion—before throwing the key into the Seine. Unfortunately, after years of added weight, the bridge coldn't take any more emotional baggage and partially collapsed into the river. 

According to the Daily Mail: 

A chunk of the Pont des Arts bridge fell away on Sunday night and the police were called to seal off the area which remains closed today.

Apparently "Love Locks" have spread to other bridges, causing minor outrage in the city: 

A 'Not Love Locks' campaign was launched in Paris by two Americans in February, in response to some 700,000 padlocks appearing around the city.

"It's so out of control," says Lisa Anselmo, who co-founded the campaign with fellow writer Lisa Taylor Huff. "People are climbing up lampposts to clip locks on, hanging over the bridge to put them on the other side of the rail, risking their lives to attach one. It's a kind of mania. It's not about romance any more—it's just about saying 'I did it.'"

So much for modern romance.

[via Gawker and Daily Mail]

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