In a stunning feat, the masterminds at Netflix released a mash-up of Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black, creating possibly the greatest TV promo of all time. It's actually a simple concept, in all its brilliance: Swapping out the Bluth family for Piper Chapman and the rest of the crew at Litchfield prison. 

Unlike other promos released for OITNB, this one focuses on the show's zany cast of characters, rather than seeking to build suspense or foreshadow drama. This seems to fit the show's party line; namely, that season two will seek to focus more on the cast as a whole. The show's creator Jenji Kohan reported to Rolling Stone:

"It's becoming much more of an ensemble," Kohan said. "As much as I love Piper and [actress] Taylor [Schilling] and her journey, I think people are interested in everybody's journey."

With the highly anticipated season season of OITNB premiering this Friday June 6, the show hardly needed more hype. If people were on the fence about watching it before, they won't be able to resist now.

Watch it below: