The 2014 NBA Finals have finally arrived, drawing a whirlwind NBA season to close, and bringing us that much closer to the ultimate question regarding who will be no. 1 in the league. Can the Miami Heat affirm their dynasty with a three-peat, or will Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs make LeBron James' 'not three, not four' speech fall just short? 

We all know that watching the real LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George and Tim Duncan battle it out on the hardwood is awesome. But when the final buzzer sounds IRL, we all need a little virtual love in our basketball lives.

That said, we were wondering: if we created a mini-playoff field? What team from history would emerge as the best of all-time? Would the Miami Heat be able to stand up against the heroes of yesterday? 

You know how we do; we had to grab NBA 2K14 to crown a virtual champion. Here’s the bracket:

1995-96 Chicago Bulls vs. 1993-94 Houston Rockets

1964-65 Boston Celtics vs. 2012-13 Miami Heat

1985-86 Boston Celtics vs. 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers

1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers vs. 1988-89 Detroit Pistons

Let’s get into the first match-up.

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