The ripple effects of Edgar Wright’s decision to leave Marvel’s Ant-Man still haven’t been completely felt yet. The movie still doesn’t have a director, fan interest has waned, and the cast is left to wonder what will happen next. Recently, Schmoes Know caught up with Michael Douglas, who is set to play Hank Pym in the film, and asked him his opinion on the situation. Here is what the actor said:

I was… I was very disappointed. I am a big fan of his movies. It’s a very disappointing situation. Happened very late in the game. I don’t think anybody’s quite recovered. My heart goes out to Edgar – he’s been involved with the project for a long time. But he’s talented enough that you’ll be hearing a whole lot from him and I’m sure with a little vengeance.

At this point in his career, Douglas doesn’t need a blockbuster comic movie to his credit, so it’s possible that his main motivation in signing for Ant-Man was the chance to work with Wright. Hopefully his heart is still in it, despite what's gone on recently. With the drama surrounding this project, the last thing Marvel needs is for the cast to become disenfranchised with the whole production process.

[via Schmoes Know]