Today Google delivered their keynote address at Google I/O 2014, the company's developers conference. They dropped a lot of information in the hours-long presentation, and we've gathered some of the most important developments here. 

Android Is Getting a Redesign

One of the OS's biggest redesigns is coming this fall. Called "Android L," it introduces a new Gmail interface, minimalistic cues, and round icons all under the Material Design theme. Check it out in the video below.

Google Boasts Having 1 Billion Active Android Users a Month

Which is a pretty big deal. That's a billion people using Android in a given month, and that number is sure to climb. The company also announced that between those users are 93 million selfies and 20 billion texts taken and sent every day on Android OS.

You Can Order the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch Starting Today

Samsung unveiled the Gear Live smartwatch, which runs Android Wear, Google's OS made specifically for smartwatches. It's available for preorder today on the Google Play Store for $199, and will be at Best Buy starting July 7. LG showcased the G Watch, another smartwatch that runs for $229 and will be available come July 7. 

Google Launches Android TV

While you might have already settled on a TV streaming device like Roku, Google is hoping to entice you with their latest offering: Android TV. The new software will run on Google TV, Apple TV, and other smart TVs, set-top-boxes and video game consoles. It will allow users to switch from Android apps, movies, and games on their TVs, because you can only do all of that on a phablet for so long.

Android Auto

Google is bringing Android to your car, just before Apple launches iOS for your car. Android Auto will lets users send text messages, makes calls, pick songs, along with other hands-free features.

Android Has a Focus on Health 

Just in time for Apple's iOS 8 HealthKit app, Google is launching a rival app called Google Fit. It will put all of your fitness stats in one place, and the company is partnering with Nike, Adidas, Withings, RunKeeper, and Basis. Time to lose that summer weight before it's too late.

You'll Soon Be Able to Use Android Apps in Chrome OS

While there isn't a date set for it, Google put Chromebook users at ease by announcing that they're working on a way to use Android apps on Chrome OS. But since Android apps are designed for touchscreens, it's taking a bit longer than you'd think. But it's happening.