Over a dozen children were rushed to a Philadelphia hospital as a safety precaution after a first grader brought heroin to school, authorities say. 

CBS Philadelphia reports that 20 students at Commodore John Barry Elementary School in West Philadelphia were taken to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia yesterday after coming into contact with heroin brought to school by a 6-year-old girl. 

According to CBS Philadelphia, the child brought 11 packets of the drug to school, where a teacher saw students playing with two packets that had been opened, and another which had reportedly been chewed open. One parent, Kristina Perry, told CBS Philadelphia that the girl was "showing [the packet] off." The child was reportedly able to sneak the heroin into the school because first graders are not searched upon entry.

Police searched the school, and no other drugs were discovered. Furthermore, a spokesperson for the School District of Philadelphia noted that the proper protocol was followed. 

The girl's mother declined to speak to CBS Philadelphia, but police told the outlet they searched the woman's home and expect to file charges against her and her boyfriend.

[via CBS Philadelphia]

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