Is this what it has come to, Twitter?  Thirsting over criminals?

Jeremy Meeks' mugshot hit the internet yesterday and ushered in a new dawn.  The era of moral standards is now clearly over and has been replaced by a time where hot people collect supporters by the thousands, regardless of how many boyfriends they've stabbed or the grandiosity of their auto thefts.  Nine years in prison?  Double murder?  Slamming Rihanna's head against a passenger side window?  Nobody has time to worry about details like these when the offenders look like multiracial supermodels.

So it's no surprise that the hashtag #FelonCrushFriday is trending across the country; Americans are a compassionate people who firmly believe in second chances.  Doesn't matter if your name is simply John or a complicated string of letters and numbers given to you by the state of New York.  All can be forgiven.  Especially if you're a lightskinned dude with a Superman jaw and ice-blue eyes.

Here are The Hottest Criminals of #FelonCrushFriday.