Staying fit and healthy is no joke. We’re talking lots of commitment, determination, and sacrifice. It also requires financial investments—spending heavy on fresh produce, gym memberships, nutrition specialists, personal trainers, and lastly, workout equipment. Simply put, one can go broke going the traditional fitness route. But being that humans are 90 percent visual creatures, we find it much easier to process info by watching experts clarify the best ways to engage in everyday activities. What better platform to serve as a visual mediator than YouTube. 

The video-sharing service has turned a number of fitness experts into Internet celebrities, each offering a wide library of free exercise clips made to enhance your workout regiments. So if the goal this summer is to bask in hot bods and hot women, then it’s time to hit the floor and pump some iron. Get in subscriber mode, as we put you onto the Best YouTube Fitness Channels to Enhance Your Workouts.