Date: 5/15/14
Location: Longview, Texas
Crime: Giving False Information, Failure to Identify
Ratchet Meter: 9

A high school sophomore was arrested in Texas this week. It's probably worth noting that the "student" is a 31-year-old woman.

The convoluted tale of Charity Anne Johnson began when Johnson enrolled at Longview, Texas' New Life Christian School in March under the guise of "Charity Stevens," which is far from the worst lie she told.

Johnson convinced Tamica Lincoln that she was 15-years-old, abused by her father who, along with her mother, had passed away, leaving her in need of a home. After convincing Lincoln to be her guardian, she began her masquerade as a 10th grader. But when Lincoln learned of Johnson's deceit, she contacted police and school officials. The New Life Christian School community was devastated. "Teachers were crying and students were crying, and her best friend just couldn't believe it," Lincoln told KLTV.

Johnson was arrested and charged with giving false information and failure to identify. Unsurprisingly, no one who knows the real Charity Anne Johnson is interested in helping her. That's what happens when you grift people.