A quick-thinking man saved a teenage girl's life after she fell onto the subway tracks at Union Square on Wednesday.

According to DNAinfo, Joshua Garcia rushed to the 16-year-old's aid after she fainted on the platform, falling head-first onto the track just as a train arrived on Wednesday evening:

“She was leaning over the platform like she was woozy from medication, and then I saw her fall and I was like, ‘Oh s***!,’” Garcia told “On The Inside.”

Her head struck a rail with such force it sounded like a gunshot, and her body splayed diagonally across the tracks.

Garcia saw that Stephanie Xue was unconscious with a 6-inch gash on her head that Garcia noted was "terrifying to look at" because her skull was reportedly visible. He quickly hoisted her over his head and back onto the platform—while other people took pictures and video. 

"It was amazing seeing all these people doing nothing," Garcia said, calling the moment "an eye-opener."

Xue was taken to Bellevue Hospital and released the following morning after receiving 50 stitches to close her wound.

When asked what prompted his heroics, Garcia had a simple answer: "It was adrenaline and the power of the Lord."

[via DNAinfo]

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