It’s a bad day to be a comedy on Fox. According to Deadline, the network has given the axe to Dads, Enlisted, and Surviving Jack before they even reached their second season. The only high-profile comedy from the network to survive its debut 2013-2014 season is now Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which earned high enough ratings and praise to keep it going. 

The site is reporting that the network is now going to re-evaluate its comedy strategy, which seems sensible after pulling the plug on 75% of your new shows. In addition to this string of cancellations, the network is also passing on pilots for Fatrick, Dead Boss, and No Place Like Home.

The cancellations of Dads, Enlisted, and Surviving Jack shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Both Enlisted and Surviving Jack could never find an audience, and Dads has received some of the harshest critical reviews of any show launched in 2013. It looks like it’s back to the drawing board for the folks at Fox as desperately try to learn how to make people laugh again. 

[via Deadline]