Here's a bit of advice for recent college graduates: Your major isn't really that important. Depending on your interests and what you ultimately want to do with your life, you can be whatever you want. But a Northeastern University professor claims to have created a chart that shows the type of career opportunities that your degree will probably present you.

Using census data, Assistant Professor of History Ben Schmidt put the chart together, and it can be organized according to the popularity of the job, or the popularity of the major. Though some majors can certainly steer you down a specific career path, others are extremely diverse. For example, a degree in history is most likely to lead to legal career, but can also direct graduates to careers in physical therapy: 

If you're curious about what options you have (according to this data), or just want to reflect on how your life turned out, you can check for yourself at Schmidt's website. The future is unwritten—unless you've resigned yourself to a certain fate.

[via io9]

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