For Apple, iOS 7 has been a hit.

Its bright colors and flat design has given the devices an extra edge over the competition. Yet, while Apple prides itself over the "cloud"—which lets users sync things between their phone, tablet, and computer, between their devices—the computer has become the black sheep of the family. Mac OS X has been left without a stylish redesign like Apple's other devices, but that's set to change.

According to rumors, Apple is planning a big redesign of Mac OS X next month, in time for its WWDC conference. The refresh is supposed to introduce iOS 7 stylistic cues, that'll make the devices feel more connected, at least aesthetically. The design will reportedly have more white space, more sharp corners, and other iOS 7-style toggles. With this, the company has allegedly said that iOS and Mac OS X will remain distinct, and the similarities will only be skin deep. OS X 10.10 is codenamed "Syrah," and will likely debut when the conference kicks off on June 2.

[via The Verge]