Justin Bieber has been through a lot over the last couple of years. Yes, everything he's endured has been a result of his own stupid actions, but he's still been through a lot. And when Justin hits hard times, his Beliebers hit hard times with him. Through break-ups, arrests, public urinations, and eggings, Justin's legion of fans have been there for him, offering all kinds of support he definitely doesn't care about. They've offered him sympathy, admiration, sex with him, and murder to anyone who besmirches his good name. Death threats may be wrong, but when they come from a Belieber, they feel oh so right.

Yes, every time Justin does something stupid, you can be sure that his fans will take to Twitter and say some crazy ass shit. Of the thousands of crazy tweets that have been drafted in Justin's name, here are some of our favorites. Here are 20 Certifiably Insane Tweets from Beliebers.

(And yes #CutForBieber is an insane one, but those are too NSFW. You can check them out here.)

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