Huzzah, motherfuckers and well met. In a few short days, Game of Thrones finally returns to us. While True Detective and The Good Wife have kept us entertained, there is nothing quite like swords, dragons, and sexposition on a Sunday night. Through three seasons in Westeros, we have developed some pretty strong allegiances. Everyone has their favorite house, favorite front-runner for the crown, and of course, their favorite corset-wearing crush. Though the real world doesn’t offer quite as many literal and figurative back stabbings as Westeros, we can learn a thing or two about our love lives from the ladies of King’s Landing. Some guys only go for women north of the Wall, others prefer courtly manners to sword play. Some of you would rather hook up with a fast-talking courtesan than a plotting queen. No matter what you like, there is something for you when it comes to Game of Thrones romance, and the lady of your choice can speak volumes about your real relationship preferences. Light some candles in your war tent and pour some Dornish wine. It's time to find out What Your Game of Thrones Crush Says About You. 

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