'Twas the weekend before 4/20, and not a weed dealers' phone was inactive, nor was a business slow at a dispensary slow.

It's Friday, it's pay day and "Earth Day" is a mere 48 hours away. That means committed stoners will be in happy pursuit of the ultimate high all weekend long, as Sunday is basically their early 4th of July

Wax, also know as "ear wax" or whatever satisfies your semantic preference, has become all the rage in recent years, receiving approval from stoners, rappers and stoner rappers alike. Due to its potency, it produces a quicker, stronger high, thus making it quite popular. But, as with anything, you should educate yourself before indulging.

By all means, please get as high as you want to, but here are some basics you should know about wax before dabbing into an immaculately stoned state of oblivion. If you're a novice, this could be vital to your weekend, and possibly your future as a smoker.

Dab responsibly, folks.

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