James Franco has been in some hot water for the past few days after a 17-year-old girl posted screenshots of him flirting with her via Instagram and even asking if he should get them a hotel room. He has since apologized, and there have been suggestions that it's publicity stunt for his new movie Palo Alto, where he plays a teacher infatuated with a student. We're not sure that makes it better.

The British teen's grandmother doesn't think it's so funny, either. 85-year-old Beryl Sussex told the Daily Mail he deserves a slap on the wrist.

"I think he ought to get a slap on the wrist and I know my son, Lucy's dad, wouldn't be afraid to give it to him," she said. Didn't Franco learn anything from Pineapple Express? You don't mess with someone's Bubbe. 


[via Daily Mail]

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