In movies, when someone enters a public restroom and locks the door behind them, you know something crazy intense is about to go down. Case-in-point: In this exclusive clip from the upcoming film In the Blood, Gina Carano does exactly this as she enters a men's restroom at some sort of dimly lit club, only to proceed to grab a man at one of the urinals, drag him into a stall, and give him a swirlie. Don't worry, though, it's well-deserved—Carano is starring as a trained fighter whose husband (Cam Gigandet) mysteriously vanishes during their honeymoon in the Caribbean, so she's only attempting to get information about where he could be from someone who might be involved. Can't really blame her after hearing that, huh?

In the Blood also stars Luis GuzmànAmaury Nolasco, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Treat Williams, Stephen Lang, and Danny Trejo. You can check out the exclusive clip above—the film hits theaters, on demand, and iTunes today.